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Silverdale Vehicle Wraps


Are your commercial cars, trucks, vans, trailers, and other corporate vehicles not only moving goods and people, but also promoting your business? Your Tacoma vehicle wraps and graphics experts, we make sure your automobiles are working for you!

custom full vehicle wrap

At Tacoma Sign Company, we make effective, high-visibility vehicle wraps for any vehicle that you use for your business. From auto wraps to large truck wraps, we can help you get the best vehicle wrap that will support your business goals without spending too much.

Got a design in mind or want something custom-made? We can also make these vehicle wraps for you and recommend how they can be installed efficiently for people to notice easily when they see your fleet on the streets.

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Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

Custom Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Partial vehicle wraps can serve a lot of great benefits for any business that uses it, from brand promotion, customer satisfaction, to perception and brand awareness. Once people see that your truck or van has professional graphics, they will see your business as solid and trustworthy and seek more information about your products and services.

Partial vehicle wraps will also prove beneficial to companies or businesses that do not have a fixed location or if they regularly visit clients at their homes. Clients and potential customers alike will recognize your company and feel comfortable using your services.

Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

Full vehicle wraps can sometimes be too much, particularly if you want to use these graphics to promote your business. There are several options available for you to choose from to give your company car, truck, or van the professional look you need to make a great impression on potential customers.

Partial Car Wraps

partial vehicle graphics

Need a wrap that won’t cover your entire business car? Partial vehicle wraps can work perfectly for you, especially if they are done in key areas of your car that people can see, like your car’s hood or side panels. We also do wraps for any part of the car you like and put sufficient information that you want us to include in them.

We also make sure that these wraps will conform to your car’s natural image and look as if the wraps are actually a part of the car’s design. We also recommend this type of vehicle wrap if you are on a budget.

Vinyl Graphics

custom vinyl vehicle lettering

You can also consider using vinyl graphics if you don’t want a full nor partial vehicle wrap for your fleet. We can design individual graphics that showcase your products, services, and even your brand so people can become familiar with them. Like vehicle wraps, these graphics will stick cleanly to your car’s surface and not damage the surface underneath. We can even cut it to the shape you want so that you don’t use all the vinyl sheets.

Since these graphics have their own shape and size, you can stick them anywhere in your car. It also makes updating the car far easier than using full vehicle wraps.

Vehicle Magnets

car magnet

Like vinyl graphics, vehicle magnets are ideal if you don’t want to wrap your car completely in vehicle wraps. However, unlike vinyl graphics, which are stuck into your car’s surface until you take them off for a new one, vehicle magnets can be placed anywhere, and you can remove them after you use the vehicle. This is perfect if you want to use your cars for personal trips.

We can design these vehicle magnets to reflect your brand and do it in the size or shape you want it to be. It also won’t fall off that easily from your car once placed in your car’s body panels.

Perforated Window Film

custom perforated window film

You can also put wraps on your vehicle’s windows to maximize the entire vehicle and transform it into a full-blown advertisement. We can make perforated window films for your vehicles that display your promotions on the outside and not give visibility problems for those driving the vehicle. We can also add privacy film features on them so that your passengers won’t be seen from the outside of the car.

Like our standard vehicle wraps, our perforated window films will protect your windows and not damage the window underneath. They are also very easy to remove in case you want to update your window films.

Professional Graphics For All Vehicle Types

Custom bus wrap

At Tacoma Sign Company, we have all sorts of graphics to fit any type of vehicle. From simple car decals to graphics for your whole fleet, we’ve got them all here! We have the designers and equipment needed to make a beautiful, affordable, and high-quality partial vehicle wrap for your needs.

When you reach out to us, we will ask you all the details we need to design the perfect graphics to suit your business. If you don’t have an idea in mind, we can recommend the best options available and make sure they are within your budget.

Here are some other examples of the vehicle signs we can make for you:

We also do other types of business graphics you may need for your business. From signage to graphics, our designers can make it for you and do everything in-house.

Promotional Car Wraps

custom car wrap

No matter what kind of industry you are in, you can benefit from having promotional car wraps. These wraps will get everyone’s attention and give your business the right publicity it needs to get people to come to your establishment or office. Aside from getting the publicity for your business, it will also prolong your commercial fleet’s life because these wraps can protect your car from the elements and keep it looking good for a long time.

When you reach out to us, we will look into your vehicle’s make and ensure that the wraps we make match it and showcase your brand or message clearly.

Your Designs, Perfected

custom airplane graphicsAt Tacoma Sign Company, we strive to provide our clients with the best vehicle wraps for their business needs. We take our time to get to know your brand and your industry so we can check what guidelines we need to follow when designing your wraps. We can also start with your existing designs and provide you with an updated design before we manufacture your vehicle wraps.

If you don’t have a design in mind, our experts are always ready to help and guide you through the entire wrap-making process, so you know how the final product will look like when it is finished.

Full-Service Vehicle Graphics

custom vehicle wrap installation

Since we were established, we have been dedicated to creating only the best Tacoma vehicle wraps for businesses that need it. We pride ourselves on delivering any type of wrap for any business on time and at affordable rates.

When clients reach out to us through our free consultation service, we will talk to you about the project’s details and provide you with an initial design for your request. If something is amiss with our design or you want to add certain elements, our team can adjust it for you until you are satisfied.

When you approve of our design, we will start manufacturing the wraps with high-quality material that won’t dent your budget. Our manufacturing team will also double-check everything before it is forwarded to our installers. Our installers will install the wraps in your car flawlessly and ensure that no imperfections are on the surface.

You can also call on us if you need repairs or maintenance checks on your vehicle wraps or other business graphics that you requested from us.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Tacoma Sign Company LogoIf you need the help of our Tacoma, WA vehicle wraps and graphics company to tackle your graphic needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We guarantee that our Tacoma vehicle wraps will get you all the impressions you need to bolster your business presence in the market and get people to check your services out.

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